About us

Porto San Paolo Diving Center has been opened in the summer of 2002.
Giorgio Caboni and Luana Magnani are the owners and they give you all their experience of many years as scuba diving instructors. The knowledge of the general and local underwater, the culture and traditions of the Sardinian land make them the best guide for visitors.

The divers and non-divers who came to the center during the last season have found a friendly, relaxing and professional environment. The organization of the dives has been properly studied both in terms of safety and in terms of organization of the work. During the peak months the four daily dives were kept, to be as helpful as possible.

Our winning card has been the accurate knowledge of the dive sites, that allowed us to show the best characteristics also to divers who had been diving in the sheltered Tavolara bay for some time, thanks to diving guides who dive during the whole year in this sea to understand its secrets.

This way, the dives can satisfy every taste and level: the wonderful faces of the Tavolara Island, (Teddja Liscia, Cala Cicale, etc), banks between Tavolara and Molara (Elefante, Elefantino, Fico, etc), and the famous bank of the Pope, considered one of the most beautiful dive in the Mediterranean, thanks to its big stone basses and the red and yellow gorgonian Paramuricea Clavata.

The Windjammer, Omega and Crisso wrecks are accessible because of the depth of this area, but the charm of the dive on the wreck brings us also in the Orosei area, near the Kt wreck.

For the most hardworking divers, the archaeological dives offer still intact amphorae, anchors of different age and size, wrecks and fragments.
Moreover, a wonderful discovery has been made: a lead anchor at only 12 metres depth.

Knowing these sea beds allowed us to discover new wonderful sites, some of them for the advanced scuba divers, with amazing encounters. Some others are less deep but not less interesting.